Assistence for parents and teachers

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Parenting With Purpose

Discover practical insights to strengthen the way you relate to your children.

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Talking Openly

Learn how to recognise signs of trouble in children and how to understand your own nonverbal messages. These two areas are necessary for establishing effective communication patterns with your children.

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Family Life

Life as a parent has its great moments ... joy, pride, and more love than you thought possible. Parenting has its low moments too ... times of loneliness, frustration, and some days more heartache than you thought possible.

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Blended Families

Yours, mine, and ours. Does that ring a bell? Years ago it was the title of a comedy. But it’s no comedy when it’s real life. Coming into a blended family holds many challenges that can easily overwhelm and threaten to chip away at newfound happiness.

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Single Parent

You are a single parent. Most likely you didn't choose the circumstances that led up to this time in your life, but here you are - mom and dad rolled into one. Double the stresses. Double the issues. Double the frustrations. And then there's your child, catching you off guard and pushing your "buttons". Even the smallest issues can turn into power struggles.

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