The Latest Happyland News

There's a bug! - November 9 2010

Well, it seems that there is a small bug in the Happyland game! You may have noticed that sometimes the images that normally appear in the Bubble Buttons aren't appearing. This is due to a change in the way the Flash Player is handling our code. This won't effect normal gameplay, unless you are trying to build a new building. To combat this issue, we have made all the buildings available to everyone right from the start. Please be patient as we work to release an update to the game in the near future.

More Books, More Reading, More Learning! - October 27 2010

Another new stack of books has just landed in the Library!! There is plenty of reading to be done and that means you can learn even more about that Character called Jesus and all his mates!

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Older News

Easter Stories in the Library - April 1 2010

There are 4 New Books available in the Library. They are about Jesus and his role in the very first Easter!

Word Jumble Activities Available - January 21 2010

There are a bunch of new Activity Sheets available for download in 'More Stuff'. There is a Character Name Jumble and also an activity sheet for each 'Book' in the Happyland Library. Have Lots of fun while you learn to spell and read!

Free Christmas Cards - November 18th 2009

Send a Christmas Card to a young child and invite them to Happyland. These cards have been designed to share God’s gift of Jesus at Christmas and to introduce young children to Happyland. To order your free Christmas Cards click here.

New Orchard Game Released!! - September 21st 2009

A new game has been released for the Orchard in the Farm location! Help Thomas pick apples by throwing them down to him from the apple trees, but watch out for obstacles and the wind. To play this game you will need to build the Farmhouse and the Orchard.

New Homepage launched!! - August 28th 2009

The new homepage for Happyland has been launched! You can now access more activities and information for both children and parents/teachers, such as the Colouring in Sheets and Word Search Puzzles , the Frequently Asked Questions page, and the Resources for Parents page.

New Orchard available at the Farm, Lots of new Games! - August 28th 2009

You can now help Rebecca set up her orchard at the Farm! Look out for that rat-bag Thomas, he'll do his best to get you into trouble. You can also help Rebecca water her trees by playing the orchard maze game.

The Farmhouse has a brand new sheep-feeding game, help Farmer Aaron by feeding his sheep and keeping them happy. The Bakery has a new Cake Decorating game, get creative and help Baker Luke make delicious-looking cakes! A library is now available in town (if you have enough happiness), use Librarian Paul's fabulous BookBot to read some stories!

New Surfing Game Released! - January 6th 2009

Catch some waves and collect stars, but make sure you avoid the seawead and other rubbish. Look out for friendly dolphins for a speed boost! To play the surfing game, build Chloe's Surf Shop.

New Pigeon Game Released! - December 2nd, 2008

Help Mayor Ruth by shooing away pigeons from the Town Hall balconies before they leave a mess! Aim you garden hose and spray the pigeons away! To play the pigeon game, build Mayor Ruth's Town Hall.