Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers you may be looking for regarding Happyland and what it is all about.

What is Happyland?

Happyland is an interactive, fun, online game for children aged 4-7. It was produced by Lutheran Media Ministry

Is Happyland safe for your children?

You can confidently let your children access Happyland. It has been designed as a positive, safe environment where children can have fun playing games and creating their own characters in a world where they will be encouraged to help others. The content of Happyland is wholesome and uplifting, as opposed to many games available on the internet today. No personal information about your child is stored on our servers.

What can children do in Happyland?

Using games and activities based on themes from the Bible, children will be able to create a world they will want to return to again and again. They can customise their character, build buildings piece by piece, play games, and help other characters on the Happyland island.

How do children play Happyland?

Logging In

You may need to help your children log in to Happyland. If they are new to the game, click "New Player", if they have played before, click "Played Before". If they are new, they will need to choose whether they are a boy or a girl, then choose a username and password. You may want to write this down for them so they don't forget it. If a username is already in use by someone else you will need to pick a different one.

Playing Happyland

The first portion of the game involves tutorials designed to instruct children on how to play the game. After they complete this they should have a good idea of how to play Happyland. The basic concept of the game is happiness stars; everything on the island is powered by happiness stars. The more people children help, and the more games they play, the more happiness stars they will get. The happiness meter on the top right of the screen indicates how much happiness is available. Every time the happiness meter is filled, a new happy star is born in the island's happiness cloud, which then allows children to build a new building. Every building will have games and tasks for the children to complete, resulting in more happiness, in turn allowing more buildings to be built. Children's progress in the game is saved automatically.

Loading saved games

To load a previous game, choose the "Played Before" option when you first arrive at the Happyland login screen, then enter your username and password. This will return the game to the last saved state.

What is Happyland trying to achieve?

The purpose of Happyland is to introduce children to Jesus and what he teaches us about the way we should live, and to let them have lots of fun at the same time.

What messages will children hear while playing Happyland?

The messages that children will receive focus on what Jesus teaches us about the way we should live our lives. They include:

  • 'You are special. God loves you.'
  • 'When you say sorry and mean it God forgives you.'
  • 'When Jesus tells us to love others he wants us to help them.'

We hope that your family enjoys the Happyland experience. Please feel free to contact us with feedback or comments using the links below, or at the top of the page

System Requirements

To play Happyland, you will need a modern browser. If you are using a computer with Windows, Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3 is recommended. If you are using a Mac, Safari or Firefox 3 is recommended.

If you have disabled javascript you will need to enable it. Normally most browsers have javascript enabled, so it is unlikely javascript is disabled unless you have done this yourself. If this is the case, turn javascript back on.

The most important requirement is Adobe Flash Player. To install it, Click Here ,then make sure you are downloading for the correct operating system (this is detected automatically, it should be correct). Click "Agree and Install Now", then save the install file where you wish. Once it is downloaded, close all browser windows, and run the install file. Follow on-screen instructions and Flash should be installed very quickly. Once this is done, re-open your browser and navigate to Happyland again. You should now be ready to play Happyland!

It is also recommended to use a fast internet connection otherwise Happyland will take a long time to load.